Cooper&Hunter Expands their Range of HVAC Solutions with the Launch of Multi-zone Heat Pump Systems

Cooper&Hunter, a globally acclaimed manufacturer of a wide range of HVAC equipment, has recently started offering the latest multi-zone air conditioners. These multi-zone cooling and heating systems are designed to enhance user experience with numereous benefits including individual temperature control, noise reduction, and cost minimization.

Cooper&Hunter is pleased to announce the formal launch of their new line of multi-zone air conditioning and heating systems. With a mission to deliver the world’s most innovatively designed air conditioners for an affordable price, the company is considered to be a global leader in manufacturing of different types of high-quality HVAC equipment: packaged terminal air conditioners, portable air conditioners, single zone mini-split systems, dehumidifiers and much more. Over the last few years, the global market for ductless HVAC systems has shown a strong inclination towards multi-zone products with higher capacities and efficiencies. Industry experts suggest that this trend will continue at least for the next few years. A multi-zone HVAC system splits up a house or office into multiple zones that can be controlled separately. Heat Pump units can heat & cool up to 5 zones. Enhanced comfort is one of the top reasons behind the growing popularity of the multi-zone air conditioners.

With a central cooling system, the entire house has to be set to the same temperature. However, multi-zone cooling allows users the complete control over how cool the different rooms are. Most importantly, multi-zone air conditioners are not just about cooling. Many houses/apartments are using it as a complete climate solution for cooling in summer and heating in winter. Free Match Multi-Room Ductless Inverter Heat Pump Systems from Cooper&Hunter reduce energy waste, maximizes efficiency and can achieve up to 22 SEER. With the launch of Cooper & Hunter multi-zone air conditioners, more than one-hundred combinations are now available with the company’s popular line-up of Victoria and Sophia series. Based on the requirement of the customers, these systems can be mixed and matched. The Sophia multi-zone series is currently available in 18,000 BTU, 28,000 BTU, 36,000 BTU and 48,000 BTU classes. Equipped with some of today’s most advanced ductless split heat pumps, these systems offer an extremely innovative inverter technology. The Victoria series offers assortments ranging between 18,000 BTU and 42,000 BTU. This series is available in different shapes including wall-mount, mini floor consoles, ceiling cassette, universal floor/ceiling and slim duct. Some of the top benefits of Cooper&Hunter multi-zone air conditioners are: • Reliable, energy efficient and quiet • Advanced ductless split heat pumps • Cooling and heating at up to five zones • I-Action inverter driven compressors • Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant Announcing the launch of the new multi-zone air conditioners, the CEO of Comfortside LLC Marat Terchiev stated, “ The entire team has worked hard for months to deliver this state-of-the- art line of multi-zone air conditioners. These air conditioners have been designed to offer an unrivaled user experience with benefits such as energy savings, individual temperature control, space-saving installation, low noise and much more.”

About Cooper&Hunter: Since 2003, COOPER&HUNTER equipment has become very popular all over the world. The number of products yielded under the brand C&H (COOPER&HUNTER) is measured in millions of items now and the C&H itself has become a mark of quality and reliability of HVAC equipment. The company’s goal has always been to give the customers the best quality air conditioners for an affordable price. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Comfortside LLC is an exclusive master dealer of Cooper&Hunter in USA and Canada.

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Miami, FL 5th October, 2016