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Save your money with Energy-Efficient Technologies

Did you know that energy efficient choices can help you earn money? There are Local, State and/or Federal Energy Rebates. Such rebates have many forms: from Property or Sales Tax exemptions, to even Loans! Not only do these modern home technologies bring comfort to your home, but they also assist in Energy Efficiency Savings on your monthly electric bill.

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What is a mini-split air conditioner?

More and more Americans have been exchanging their air conditioning systems, most of which are traditional window air conditioners or wall air conditioners, into modern mini-split air conditioners.

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Cooper and Hunter has begun its expansion of B2C sales for USA

Cooper&Hunter International Corporation has big plans for the elaboration of its business in the USA in B2C sphere. Following the best traditions of leading companies in the field of manufacturing of HVAC equipment (climate control equipment) in the United States, in 2003 Cooper&Hunter International Corporation started delivering a wide range of HVAC equipment under its own trademark.

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