Introducing Sophia Superior

Cooper&Hunter, a fast-growing global HVAC brand, has expanded their most successful product series by introducing the new Sophia Superior Single-Zone Mini-Split Wall Mount. With up to 25 SEER, GoldFin anti-corrosion coating, and a 5 to 7 Year Limited Warranty, there is no doubt that this product will competently rival comparable models of even the most trusted household names.

Miami, Florida, August, 2019 — Cooper&Hunter, a global HVAC distributor, has introduced the 25 SEER Superior model to their popular Sophia Single-Zone Mini-Split Series. The 115V model is available with a 9K BTU/h capacity, making it a perfectly suitable and energy-efficient option for supplementary heating and cooling, garage conversions, or even as a primary air conditioning solution for spaces up to 250 square feet.

In addition to its sleek design, the Superior Wall Mount boasts a range of desirable features, including Wi-Fi capabilities, a Silver Ion filter, a Cold Catalyst filter, and GoldFin Anti-Corrosive Coating. The Energy Star Certified unit is also backed by a Limited Warranty, which covers 7 years on the compressor and 5 years for parts.

Though pre- existing Sophia Series models ranked up to 22.5 SEER, the brand is keen to offer a variety of units with moderate price gaps, allowing customers a better opportunity to custom-tailor their ideal heating and cooling set up. Regardless of each unit’s design, technical specs, and price segments, however, Cooper&Hunter always stays true to high product quality and exceptional customer support.

Cooper&Hunter CEO, Marat Terchiyev, explains, “Expanding our Sophia Series is just a small step in the direction we are heading. As technology evolves, we intend to keep up with the curve, offering the latest trends in efficiency and innovation to our loyal customers.”

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